Self-Defense Class - Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP)

Developed by the U.S. Army to train and educate and prevent sexual assault within the ranks, it’s become a popular self-defense class in the civilian arena. Taught by Daniel Solla who teaches these techniques to the Philadelphia Police Department you’ll get front of line self-defense training.

This class includes:

  • How not to look like a target
  • The power of body language
  • Tips on being more aware: especially in crowded clubs, empty stairways, on the street and more

Being aware of your surroundings can help you avoid an attack, yet if you are attacked, you’ll learn:

    • Specific techniques to disarm your attacker so you can get away
      • How pressure points can provide your safety
      • What to do if someone is trying to choke you, or if they grab you from behind

It’s not about strength. It’s about being aware and knowing a few moves that can free you from your attacker.

Would-be predators want easy targets. They don’t want to deal with a woman who will fight back, and actually understands self-defense techniques. Most men will flee once they realize you’ll fight.

These classes are taught at The Workout Dr. gym in Horsham by Daniel Solla. He’s the owner of Red Scorpion Training and trains the police in self-defense at the PA Deputy Training Sheriff’s Academy.

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