Personal Fitness Training in the Willow Grove, PA Area

The Workout Doctor’s personal fitness training programs get you on track to reach your fitness goals. We also make it FUN.

5 Benefits of Personal Fitness Training with The Workout Doctor

  • Saves Time - Forget crowded gyms and haphazard workouts. Our personal trainers work with you one on one and make sure you’re getting the most from your workout time.
  • Works Toward Your Goals - We set fitness goals with you at the start. These goals are based on your needs and your current health and fitness levels. We ensure your entire exercise routine works together for your optimum fitness. Flexibility, strength, endurance and nutrition all build on one another to help you become lean, trim and strong.
  • Prevents Injury - People get hurt in workouts because they don’t realize the right form or weight for them. Our personal trainers ensure you know how to do a deadlift without hurting yourself (and every other exercise you’ll do)
  • Accountability - It’s easier to stick to your workout schedule when you know someone else is expecting you to be there. Plus, you’ll reach your goals faster because our trainers won’t let you slack off.
  •  Nutrition - The ultimate calorie burning workout routine combined with the right nutrition counseling for you will help you shed pounds faster. We’ll make sure you have the right combination. You’ll get tips on a healthy diet and meal plan ideas.

Located at 2 Village Road, Horsham, Pa, our certified personal fitness trainers will get you into the best health of your life.
Call 267-625-1366 or contact us today to start feeling like the person you were meant to be!

When you’re in great shape you’ll have more energy and vitality to live your life with gusto!

We also offer:

  • Couch to 5K
  • Bootcamps
  • In home personal fitness training

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