Nutrition is an essential component to leading a healthy lifestyle. You will be amazed at how rewarding eating healthy can be!

With the assistance of our staff nutritionist you will learn how to eat delicious foods that not only taste great, but also help you feel and look your best!

Some benefits of nutritional counseling include weight management, sports nutrition, prevent health problems, and even help to manage conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

It’s important for you to have the right nutrition education to power your body and keep you healthy.

Nutrition Counseling services include:

  • Nutritional Counseling – Our staff nutritionist will come to your home and perform a diet analysis based upon your eating habits, food choices, and schedule. We will break down what you have done and what you can do in the future to build a whole new you. You will receive information that will educate you on the six nutrients and their uses.
  • Pantry Review – We will come out and take a look at the foods you currently have in your home and advise on those things that may be hindering a healthy diet. We will also suggest healthier alternatives that you can pick up on your next trip to the supermarket.
  • Grocery shopping – Take a trip to the supermarket with us and allow us to help you find those items that will take your diet to new levels.
  • Group Sessions – Family, friends, or co-workers it doesn’t matter to us. We will come out and prepare the group for a healthier lifestyle by informing and teaching you the do’s and don’ts of nutrition.

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