• I have a Ph.D. in Health Psychology and I have trained and consulted with some of the best Personal Fitness Trainers in the area over the last 30 years, including a former Mr. Philadelphia, From my experience, Troy Leatherbury, The Workout Doctor, is the best! Initially I assumed that his gym would be run by and for muscle head body builders. I was wrong. Troy makes a personalized, individualized, overall fitness training plan that produces results! He emphasizes cardio, flexibility, and strength training. And he gives clear directions and feedback on proper form. Troy is very personable and professional at the same time. I recommend The Workout Doctor enthusiastically, and without reservation.

    Training with Troy / Jack G.
  • Troy was referred to me by a friend who knew I was serious about getting back into the shape I was in as a competitive tennis player. Due to the declining health of my husband, I had been limited in opportunity to be as active as I had. Within weeks of meeting Troy and doing the workouts he designed just for me, I was quickly seeing results like never before. The facility is clean and modern and Troy is a blast to workout with. I highly recommend him.

    Training with Troy / Fern L.
  • Troy has been training my 16 year old son for a year now and we have seen vast improvements in size and strength. He knows how to keep you motivated with a combination of life experiences and his total focus on your goals. His desire for you to succeed becomes one of you strongest motivating factors on those days you are sure of yourself. After working with Troy he becomes your biggest advocate and your most honest critic. If you want to get it done Troy is your man.

    Training with Troy / Andy Z.
  • The Workout Doctor is amazing! It is so much better than a gym. The workouts are designed specifically to meet your goals. Troy and his staff are very dedicated to each and everyone of their clients. They put the fun back in working out! simply the best!!

    Training with Troy / Cooper S.
  • Troy and his staff are very experienced, professional and dedicated to your success. Workouts are customized to the client’s need and level, and carried out in a very clean, attractive and well equipped environment. Realistic fitness goals are set, and you will be given the plan, tools and motivation to achieve them. Cost is very competitive and, frankly, the best investment you can make in yourself.

    Training with Troy / Brama C.
  • Troy Leatherbury is an excellent Personal Trainer and an even better person! My two sons have trained with Troy and his staff the last couple of years. Troy designed football and baseball intensive workouts to help accelerate their development. Concentrating on Core exercises with speed and agility, plus age appropriate weight training. Troy and his staff deliver a great product!

    Training with Troy / Bob B.
  • I think Troy is one of the best trainers out there. If you want to get in the best shape, Troy is the man for the job. He will teach you everything you want to know about fitness. I learned a lot from him. Workout with Troy and you will get the best results.

    Training with Troy / Kevin A.
  • Troy introduced my 4 children ( 3 boys and a girl) to working out as early teenagers in a very positive way. Now in their 20’s, they are still doing consistent routines based on those fundamentals. They never would have listened to me!

    Training with Troy / Mark C.
  • Troy is a great motivator, and excellent coach. Whether you are a a first timer, or already in great physical condition he can put a plan together to make you better, stronger, and faster. The WorkoutDr is the only place to go for everything from physical well being to the competitive edge you’ve always wanted.

    Training with Troy / Rscache09
  • I have been working with Troy for 6 months and have gotten so much stronger and fit. He is challenging, but knows how to cater a workout to fit your needs.

    Training with Troy / Tina T.

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The Workout Dr. team will get you into the best shape of your life. Our highly skilled fitness trainers are committed to helping your find your fitness passion and feel great.

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Troy introduced my 4 children ( 3 boys and a girl) to working out as early teenagers in a very positive way. Now in their 20's, they are still doing consistent routines based on those fundamentals. They never would have listened to me!

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The Workout Dr. offers personal fitness training, group classes including yoga, Bootcamps and more…we even offer sport specific training for youth athletes.

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